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Wilhelmina, CA

“Just a BIG HUG AND THANKS for such beautiful creations!!! I just finished unloading the box and these tarts, cookies, cinnamon buns, etc. are to die for. It is simply unbelievable that these items are not edible (smile). You can rest assured that I will be ordering the end of this month.  Sincerely, Wilhelmina."

Mimy, NY

"I received your candles - they're amazing!! SOOO lifelike and they smell delicious... will be placing another order very soon. thanx!"

Marlis, MI


"This faux cake is the best! So authentic looking you will be tempted to cut it and have a slice. Very rich chocolate realistic frosting. Quite the statement on my bakery buffet display in my dining room. Absolutely love it!"

Regards, Marlis

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